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Fixed Fee Debt Recovery Lawyers Glasgow & Edinburgh

Do you have people who owe you or your business money? Cash flow is important for any business, no matter how big or small. We know that it can be expensive, time-consuming and extremely frustrating to keep chasing those who are in debt to you. Allowing your debtors to make late payments can result in significant consequences for you or your business. We are here to help you recover your debts in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Fixed Fee Debt Recovery Lawyers, Glasgow Shawlands, Edinburgh, East Kilbride and Lanarkshire

Our experienced litigation solicitors specialise in recovering both commercial and individual/personal debts due to our clients throughout Scotland – quickly!

We act for all sizes of business in Scotland, most commonly pursuing invoice recoveries, building contracts, loans, consumer debts and complex contract disputes.

How can we help you recover debts?

Come in and speak to one of our Debt Recovery solicitors in Glasgow or Edinburgh – FIRST CONSULTATION FREE. We will clearly set out for you the prospects of recovery of your debt(s). We will advise you whether we think recovery seems likely, and of the most effective methods moving forward. Our services include sending a Demand Letter, which can often encourage the debtor to pay their debt immediately without having to raise court proceedings.

If, after exploring all your options, we identify that litigation is your best option, we can raise a court action in the Scottish Sheriff courts, or perhaps the Court of Session in Edinburgh may be the appropriate forum. Our experienced litigation solicitors in Scotland can raise your court proceedings on a fixed fee basis. We will seek immediate payment of your debt with interest and any expenses due. When larger debts are involved some additional measures may be taken, such as requesting that the court stop the debtors from selling property until your debt is repaid.

Recovering Interest on Debt Scotland

If an individual or a company owes your business money, you should aim to recover that debt as a matter of urgency. Come in and speak to one of our Debt Recovery solicitors in Glasgow and Edinburgh now. We can recover you debt and any interest payable on the over-due amount.

Our Scottish debt recovery solicitors are experienced in this specialist area and will strive to ensure that you recover the MAXIMUM amount owed to you under Scots Law.

Contact our Fixed Fee Expert Debt Recovery Lawyers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Shawlands, East Kilbride and Lanarkshire

To find out how we can help you recover the debt owed to you on a fixed fee basis, call us today on 0141 530 4629 or complete our online enquiry form and let us help you.


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Simplicity Legal helped make a very difficult situation bearable. I can't recommend Emma and the team highly enough.

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