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Since 2014, it is now possible for same-sex couples to get married in Scotland. However, unlike heterosexual couples, homosexual couples may alternatively opt for a civil partnership. This involves a non-religious ceremony and results in a legal union, with most of the legal rights and obligations of married couples. In order to register as civil partners, the individuals must be of the same sex and at least 16 years old.

Fixed Fee Civil Partnership Lawyers Glasgow, Shawlands, East Kilbride & Edinburgh, Scotland

In terms of procedure, a civil partnership notice must be submitted to the district registrar. After that, you will arrange a date for the registration itself. This can take place at any place that you agree with the registrar though many are still at the registration office itself. There is a list of pre-approved locations published by the General Register Office for Scotland. Importantly, however, the location of your registration cannot be a religious place, such as a church. If some form of religious ceremony does take place, the couple must nonetheless have a civil registration or the partnership will not have legal effect.

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Civil partnership is a legal status that has legal implications. In many respects, it is equivalent in law to marriage. This means that you will have financial obligations to your new partner, including in inheritance, and both your incomes will be taken into account for the purposes of social security. It is therefore advisable to seek legal advice before entering a civil partnership, and you may wish to consider some form of pre or postnuptial agreement. Simplicity specialises in family law matters, and can help you with these issues and more. Contact us using our online enquiry form or call us on 03332020722 to arrange a free* consultation.

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