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Fixed Fee Executry Lawyers Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland

When someone dies in Scotland, it can often be a stressful and sensitive period to manage the estate of someone else. At Simplicity Legal, one of our qualified executry (probate) solicitors in Glasgow or Edinburgh can assist in easing this burden by managing the practical elements of an estate. The practicalities of death can often be overwhelming and at Simplicity Legal, our executry (probate) lawyers in Scotland can offer advice in the death of a loved one.

Fixed Fee Executry (Probate) Lawyers Glasgow, Shawlands, East Kilbride, Edinburgh and Lanarkshire

It is important to be aware of whether or not the person had a Will before they passed. If so, this can provide for their wishes and funeral plans. Often it can be useful to have a look around the home to identify important paper work which could assist in planning for management of the estate.

Our experienced executory solicitors in Glasgow and Edinburgh can assist in the arrangements immediately after death, the preparations for funeral arrangements and can offer legal advice in relation to costs involved.

What is an Executry?

When someone has written a Will in Scotland, an executor is appointed to administer the estate of the deceased. The ‘Executry’ is the deceased person’s estate (the property they own) and this is then overseen by the Executor who is appointed.

How to ‘wind up’ an estate?

There are various things to consider when a person dies in Scotland, from Inheritance Tax implications to sorting any unpaid bills. At Simplicity Legal, our executry (probate) lawyers in Glasgow and Edinburgh can advise on how best to proceed after a death and how to make the necessary arrangements for your loved one moving forward.

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