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Fixed Fee Wills Lawyers Glasgow, Scotland

Drafting a will can often save your family and friends unnecessary stress at a difficult time in their lives. Planning for the future will allow your loved ones to fulfil your wishes and manage your estate respectfully. At Simplicity Legal, our Wills solicitors in Glasgow and Edinburgh will take on board your wishes and requests for loved ones and those closest to you. The details of a Will can often be very helpful in assisting family members with preparations for funeral arrangements and family heirlooms.

Making a Will in Scotland - Wills Lawyers Glasgow & Edinburgh

At Simplicity Legal, we can advise on dividing up your estate and your particular family arrangements to ensure the Will is valid and binding under Scots Law.

What happens if I die without a Will?

We all worry what will happen to us as we get older in life. Planning ahead and contacting a Solicitor at Simplicity Legal can allow for peace of mind in ensuring your wishes are fulfilled. Under Scots Law, if an estate (your property and goods) is more than £325,000 then Inheritance Tax may be chargeable to the estate. At Simplicity Legal we can advise on the tax implications of an estate and how best to reduce your inheritance tax bill.

Should you die without leaving a Will then the laws of intestacy govern the division of your estate. The rules instantaneously apply, meaning some of our loved ones may not be provided for, regardless of our relationship with them. To avoid this, it is important to provide for your wishes in a Will to ensure your possessions remain with your loved ones. It's also wise to plan ahead with a Power of Attorney.

Why I should get a Will drafted?

  • You are in control over who inherits from your estate.
  • If you have any particular items in mind for a loved one, you are able to make the decision as to who will inherit. For example, if you own a particular piece of jewellery or antique you have the option to leave this particular item to anyone you wish.
  • Funeral arrangements can be outlined in your will.
  • You can arrange to appoint individuals to oversee the arrangement of your estate on death. They will be known as your ‘executors’.

Contact our Fixed Fee Wills Solicitors in Glasgow and Edinburgh

If you have any questions about making a Will in Scotland, our expert Wills solicitors based in Glasgow offer a FREE initial consultation. Contact us today on 03332020722 or fill out our online enquiry form.


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Simplicity Legal helped make a very difficult situation bearable. I can't recommend Emma and the team highly enough.

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