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Why do I need a Will?


You can decide who will inherit what from your estate

A Will is a legal document that takes effect once you die. Anyone in Scotland can write a Will from age 12. When you die everything you own, and all the debts you owe, are regarded as your 'estate'.

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Ciara Young has been short-listed as ‘rising star of the year’ for the Scottish Legal Awards 2022


The Scottish Legal Awards were established in 2003 with the purpose of recognising outstanding achievements in the Scottish legal profession. The impartial competition is evaluated by a team of industry experts chosen from across the sector. The goal of the competition is to recognise the finest achievements in the legal industry across Scotland and we are delighted to announce our very own Ciara Young has been shortlisted for an award at the September 2022 event.

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Making decisions about our bodies for both life and death


Making decisions about our bodies is a critical component of estate planning. There are various areas where a person can prepare in advance to present information about their preferences, allowing their requests to be honoured in the end. Failure to carry out such future planning can result in various default legislation taking effect, which may result in an outcome that the individual would not have desired.

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What Commercial Landlords Should Do When a Tenant Requests Alterations


The tenant's obligation to get consent

Unless there is an apparent limitation in the Lease Agreement, a tenant is entitled to make the desired changes without first seeking the landlord's permission. Hopefully, the renter has previously analysed the lease conditions to determine whether they require the consent.

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A guide to the guardianship procedure and how it may impact you


Do you understand what it means to become a guardian? You may have heard the terms 'Guardianship' and 'Guardian' without understanding the actual meaning. This article addresses the guardianship of individuals, sometimes known as adults with incapacity. Here, we will explore what becoming a guardian entails.

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