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Our team of award-winning litigation solicitors have the skills and experience to settle civil disputes and court actions efficiently and affordably for the best possible outcome for our clients. We take great pride in our capacity to provide an immediate and exhaustive analysis of each case’s key elements and to offer concise tactical advice geared at negotiating from a position of strength. We take the time to discuss with clients any available alternatives to litigation, such as mediation.

When court proceedings are necessary, our civil lawyers are skilled at conducting all forms of complex litigation in accordance with the applicable procedural rules and legal requirements. We understand that clients wish to have a clear understanding of their budget and potential cost exposure prior to commencing litigation, and we provide clear advice about financing plans at the outset of any civil dispute, whether you are the Pursuer or the Defender. 

How do I file a lawsuit with a Solicitor in Scotland?

Our team of skilled civil litigation solicitors, routinely assist clients in Glasgow with all court-related matters across a range of civil matters including builder disputes, neighbour disputes, debt recovery and contract disputes. If you need to file a lawsuit in the Scottish Sheriff Court or Court of Session, you’ll need a group of skilled litigation lawyers who will guarantee the best possible outcome.

When you engage with Simplicity Legal, you can be confident that your case is in the most capable hands. We can assist you in  all aspects of civil litigation including:

– Business contract disputes
– Property conflicts
– Personal injury claims for compensation
Animal and Dog ownership disputes
Debt collection and recovery
– Professional Malpractice
– Defamation (including defamation on the Internet)

– Judicial Review 
– FAIs Fatal Accident Inquiries

Our solicitors will assist you through the entirety of the legal process to ensure the best possible outcome. We will discuss your case and assemble evidence to support your claim. We will then obtain and complete all necessary forms and provide counsel and representation throughout the proceedings to achieve the best outcome.

Court Case Defence in Glasgow, Scotland

If you have been served with court documents or have been informed that another party intends to file a lawsuit against you, we can assist you in defending a court action. You must consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as feasible so that we can assist you in developing the most effective defence strategy possible.

When you contact Simplicity Legal, we will assess your situation attentively and construct and prepare an effective and strategic defence for you. We will aim to resolve your dispute as quickly and cost effectively possible. Certain types of cases entail the risk of reputational harm, such as commercial matters in which the media may be interested, injuries to individuals involving corporations, and defamation cases.

We have extensive experience defending a wide range of civil claims, and we are renowned for our tenacious and comprehensive approach.

We can represent you in courts throughout Scotland. 

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