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We understand that you want the best for your children, and here at Simplicity Legal, we are pleased to offer support in ensuring your child receives the best education possible. In some cases, your local school may not adequately meet your child’s needs or offer them the right opportunities to succeed. We can help. Education law can be complicated, but our experienced solicitors can help you navigate the processes and regulations in place. We help you to get the best for your children.

To discuss your specific circumstances and needs with one of our education lawyers, call us today on 0141 471 9038 or complete our online enquiry form, and we will get back to you right away. We make things simple.

Education Lawyers Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland

Education law covers a broad range of circumstances. From seeking a placing request for your child to appealing a matter regarding Additional Support Needs, our lawyers can guide you.

Our solicitors provide legal advice to clients all across Scotland and provide high-quality legal advice to help resolve disputes with both schools and local authorities. We know you want to get your child’s education back on track as soon as possible, so we act with efficiency to resolve matters quickly, with minimal disruption to family life.

How Can Simplicity Legal Help?

We can help you with all aspects of education law, including:

  • References to the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland (ASNTS)
  • Disability claims to the ASNTS
  • Co-ordinated support plans (CSPs)
  • Assessment requests
  • School transport disputes
  • Placing request letters and appeals
  • Exclusion appeals
  • Discrimination claims
  • Judicial review and appeals to the higher courts

Why Do I Need an Education Law Solicitor?

Many people choose to move through the education process without the assistance of a solicitor. However, having a lawyer who understands the rules, regulations, legislation, procedures and regulatory bodies can give you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to give your case the best chance of success.

Placing Requests

We can advise you and draft a letter where you are submitting a placing request. We can also represent you where your placing request is denied, and you wish to appeal to the Health and Education Chamber. Our lawyers will advise and guide you through Tribunal Appeal Process, representing your child’s best interest at every stage.

Children with Additional Support Needs

Where your child has Additional Support Needs, we understand how vital it is that these needs are being met. We can provide specialist advice to ensure your child receives the best education for their circumstances.

Contact our Education Law Solicitors in Scotland

If you need specialist advice concerning education law in Scotland, get in touch with Simplicity Legal today. We offer a free* consultation with our education lawyers based in Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland, to help you to understand your options for moving forward. To make an appointment, call us today on 0141 471 9038 or complete our online enquiry form, and we will get in contact with you right away.

*Your first one-hour consultation with us is £50 ex. VAT. Should you then instruct us to act for you in the matter within 90 days, we will deduct £50 ex. VAT from your fees.

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