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Family and money can often make for the most challenging legal issues. Our lawyers understand how important your family is to you and will treat your family and money matters with understanding and discretion. Our comprehensive range of legal services allows us to provide expert advice on a broad range of family and money matters. We can help you plan for the future, protect your interests and get back on track where things have gone wrong.

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Fixed-Fee Family Money Matters Lawyers

Our lawyers can help you with a broad range of family and personal money matters, including those listed below.

Financial Settlement

Separation and divorce can be challenging, particularly when considering your financial situation and arrangements going forward. We can help you to draft an agreement that works for you and your family.


Where you have gone through a significant change in your circumstances, it is essential to update your Will. This includes marriage, divorce, property purchase, having or adopting children and starting, buying or selling a business. We can help ensure that your Will is drafted to reflect your wishes accurately.

Wills Disputes

Losing a loved one is never easy, but the situation can be complicated where you or your family members are surprised about the contents of their Will. We can help.

Mortgage Arrears and Repossession

Where you fall behind on mortgage payments, your lender may take steps to repossess your home. There are specific legal steps your lender must follow before you can be removed from the property. This can be an extremely stressful time for you and your family, but our team will do all they can to assist you.

Personal Insolvency

If you are unable to pay your debts as they fall due, you may be deemed to be insolvent. Bankruptcy, or sequestration, is the formal insolvency procedure for individuals. We can assist you with both of these procedures or take other steps that we believe will improve your situation. We can help with Trust Deeds, Minimal Asset Process (MAP) Bankruptcy and the Debt Arrangement Scheme. We will take the time to understand your circumstances and discuss your options and the consequences with you. We are understanding, and we here to help you.

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