Jakub Novak

Jakub – Administrative ApprenticeJakub - Simplicity Legal Solicitors Glasgow, East Kilbride, Scotland

About Jakub

Jakub has had various work experience ranging from a Kitchen Porter, Part Inspector/Machine Operator, to becoming an IT Trainer/Engineer for vulnerable adults. Jakub also manages administrative duties for his parents business on the side. Jakub is fresh out of college, he has completed 2 years’ worth of studies. Jakub has achieved 2 qualifications, Computing and Digital Media and Cyber Security and Networking. Jakub is a passionate and motivated individual who strives for excellence, his main target is to make everyone happy!

Personal Information

Jakub has a staggering variety of interests ranging from, technology, computing, electronics and mechanics. Along with that Jakub is also an avid gamer.

Administrative Apprentice

Email: EKAdmin@claritysimplicity.co.uk

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