As ever we all at Clarity Simplicity wish everyone well at these ongoing difficult times as we and you no doubt continue to abide by the social distancing requirements.

Over the course of the past five or six months we have released several videos that are designed to help you our clients remain fully informed as to how things are going at Clarity Simplicity and most importantly how this may well affect if at all your case.

In light of recent lockdown reintroductions we wanted to reach out and make you aware of what that means for you and us in terms of the management of your case. The short and good news is- nothing changes at all.

We have, since March worked remotely and we continue to do so. The wide scale reopening of our offices will only take place when we’re told it is safe for both you and us to do so. To date that has not yet happened and so our offices remain closed for the public unless absolutely necessary. We do not see any potential change in this, however if any of our clients must come to our office, and where we cannot facilitate in any other way, then we want you to know that we can accommodate this, all in line with the social distafwncing requirements and guidance that there is in place at this time.

At our offices we have implemented systems and processes to ensure social distancing and safe practices are maintained. We have supplied our staff with sufficient personal protective equipment to ensure their safety and yours. If you require to attend any one of our offices you will be offered person protective equipment should for any reason you be unable to supply your own. We have clear signposting in the offices which highlights the measures that we ask you abide by in order to ensure the safety of all.

We do however stress that the requirement to attend an office must be in only the most exceptional of cases and in order to protect you and our staff ideally we would prefer to continue now, and well into the future, communicating with our clients through the remote facilities we have been offering over the past five or six months that being via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp Video, FaceTime and even the good old telephone.

The team at Clarity Simplicity come together in thanking you for your ongoing support during these considerably challenging times. Should you or anyone else you know need any legal advice on any subject matter whatsoever then please do contact us through the online enquiry form.