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How We Charge

There is no getting away from it, legal costs can mount up. Therefore, we know that our clients like our approach to making sure that every person knows what they are being charged and why. See below for how it all works.

Budgeting for your legal costs is key for all clients. This is why we give you this option. Where a Fixed Cost is agreed then you can be sure that we will not charge you any more legal fees than the fixed cost(s) agreed. The fixed costs include all legal fees. It does not matter the type/ amount of work we have to do.

However, and you can be sure of this, if it seems that your case is causing more work than we first expected, then we will:

    1. Make you aware of this; and
    2. Agree with you the new cost terms before starting. Because of the range of services that we offer we therefore have a range of fixed costs. Just ask your Case Manager who'll be happy to explain and clarify.

All payments for fixed costs are paid in advance of the work being done.

In some cases, clients prefer to pay as they go. This is known as Time and Line unit pricing. We agree to charge you for everything which we have to do in your case stage by stage, step by step. This means that the charges can vary from day to day, month to month based on the amount of work your case needs. Here we have a set 'unit' charge for everything we do:

  • Meetings
  • Telephone Calls
  • Court Appearances
  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Case Reviews
  • And all other reasonable time/work spent on your case.

If paying in this fashion, your Case Manager will ask you to make something known as a 'Payment to Your Account.’ This means that your payment will sit on your account with us until we issue you with our invoice/fee for work done.

In the past some clients have become confused with their Payment to Account. Any Payment to Account you make to your account where it is time and time is not a fee nor is it the total fee that you might pay; the total fee could be less and it could also be more depending on the work/time taken on your case. You will however only ever be charged for the work undertaken.

All unit charges are set out in your Terms of Business. Our account is prepared by an independent external law accountant once per month using our schedule of charges.

For more information on how we charge please get in touch.

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Covid-19: Remote Working at Clarity Simplicity

We'll keep this brief; you've already heard enough about C-19.

Even in these most extreme of circumstances this week has shown that our clients continue to need legal advice/guidance. We now want to make it even easier for you. For the duration of this lockdown, we openly invite you to contact us and arrange a time with either Emma or Billy via FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or even the good old telephone. What’s more, there is no cost to you for this service; we’re on hand now to help you through these troubling times.

With your permission, we’ll keep you up to date as we all get through this together.

Relax; you're in good hands.