So, welcome to 2021. All at Clarity Simplicity hope you and your loved ones had as pleasant a time as you all could over the festive period despite us all continuing to be in such strange and difficult times.

We reopened our ‘virtual’ doors as on 5th January after the festive break but are of course mindful of the extremely challenging times we are collectively in and what guidance has been issued regarding measures to be put in place. We are, and will continue, to ensure that we do all that we can to maximise your safety and that of our staff whilst always ensuring that your case is progressed as swiftly and effectively as possible.

Particularly in light of the recent enhanced lockdown reintroductions we again want to reach out and make you aware of what that means for you, and us, in terms of the management of your case. The short and good news is , nothing changes at all.

We have, since March 2020 worked remotely and we continue to do so. Almost all of our staff are working remotely but have full access to all the information and documents they need to process your case. We have and will continue to maintain an administrative presence at our central office, Woodlands Road, to ensure that all hard copy mail is processed swiftly and efficiently.  However, we do ask for your assistance with this. Please do not attend at an office without first speaking to your Case Manager about the options available. If you do have to send us documentation then please make sure it is directed to 34 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6UR. If you’re at all unsure please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We would stress that the requirement to attend an office must be in only the most exceptional of cases and in order to protect you and our staff ideally we would prefer to continue now, and well into the future, communicating with our clients through the remote facilities we have been offering over the past number of months that being via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp Video, FaceTime and even the good old telephone.

Externally we are hopeful that matters will continue to operate as they have done to date. We do continue to experience a considerable backlog with registrations at the Office of the Public Guardian however we are hopeful that other services, including the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service, will remain unaffected given the remote hearings measures that are now in place and certainly that is the message that we are receiving from those services.

Turning to the team at Clarity Simplicity, we have some changes that we’re pleased to share. One of our solicitors Sinead has decided to return to academia to study for her master’s degree. Whilst Sinead will continue to work with us she will be in an operational role in order that we can support her studies. Moving on to Kirsten Bruce.  Kirsten joined the firm as a legal assistant in October 2020 and as of January 2021 starts her traineeship with us becoming a first year trainee as of January 2021 alongside our other first year trainees Scott Stevenson and Siobhan Brown. We also welcome qualified solicitors Susan Grierson and Dionne Hunter to the team. Both Dionne and Susan bring a wealth of experience with them and we’re delighted to have them join us. Finally we’re delighted to welcome back one of our strongest team players, our Clan Support Nicky Arthur, who return from maternity – young Corey is doing just great!  Although don’t ask Nicky to make your Christmas 2021 dinner, apparently 2020’s was quite the disaster.

The team at Clarity Simplicity come together in thanking you for your ongoing support during these considerably challenging times.

Should you or anyone else you know need any legal advice on any subject matter whatsoever then please do contact us on the details below.

Thank you.