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If your employer has offered you a settlement agreement, you may be confused about what this means for you and whether to accept it. It is important not to rush or feel pressured by this decision. If you are unsure about whether the proposed offer is satisfactory, our Settlement Agreement Lawyers are available to offer you straightforward advice immediately. If we believe it falls short, our team will work hard to negotiate fairer terms. We will protect your interests at all stages and aim to have you walk away with the best deal possible.

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What is a settlement agreement?

Settlement agreements are a useful tool when there is a breakdown of the relationship between employer and employee. In most agreements, a lump sum is offered to the employee in exchange for agreeing not to pursue the dispute at an employment tribunal.

The document sets out the agreed terms on which the employee’s position will come to an end. This usually includes details of the financial package offered, the rights the employee is agreeing to waive, a confidentiality clause and any other incentives offered, such as a work reference. Once signed by both parties, the contract is legally binding. 

Should I accept a settlement agreement offered by my employer?

This will depend on many factors, including the specific terms proposed by your employer, the reasons why you are being offered the contract and the potential value of any tribunal claim you could have against your employer. So, it is essential that you seek specialist legal advice before accepting an agreement.

However, settlement agreements can have advantages for employees when the relationship with their employer is damaged. In many cases, the financial package will be higher than the value of any tribunal claim you could have. The process involved in negotiating a settlement agreement is also more flexible, quicker and informal, and gives you more control over the outcome than the tribunal route.

Do I need legal advice when considering a settlement agreement?

Independent legal advice is required before any employee can accept a settlement agreement. These contracts can be detailed and legally complex, and their terms have a significant impact on your employment rights. Your legal fees can usually be recovered from your employer.

At Simplicity Legal, our Settlement Agreement Solicitors will review the offer proposed by your employer and explain its implications for you in clear, simple terms. We will weigh up all the circumstances involved to advise whether the deal is reasonable and use our expert negotiation skills to agree more favourable terms if required. We aim to achieve an agreement that takes a fair account of your contribution to the company and the legal rights you are waiving, and which also protects your future.

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