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Fixed Fee Property Lawyers Glasgow & Edinburgh

If you are dealing with a property dispute, our team can offer advice and assistance. With offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, our team advises businesses, landlords, tenants and property investors throughout Scotland.

Many circumstances can lead to a property dispute and cases can quickly become complicated. That is why you need a team of experienced property lawyers and litigators to protect your interests. We will look at your case and build a strategy tailored to your circumstances. Our lawyers understand you may have financial concerns at this time and taking court action is not always the best option. We will provide you with practical advice to get the best outcome available.

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Property Dispute Lawyers Glasgow, East Kilbride and Edinburgh

We regularly assist clients with a broad range of property disputes, including:

  • Commercial property disputes
  • Residential property disputes
  • Eviction and notice to quit
  • Boundary disputes
  • Rent disputes
  • Repair disputes
  • Deposit disputes
  • Land ownership disputes
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Dealing with problematic tenants
  • Access rights
  • Breach of a tenancy agreement

If you are facing any of these legal problems, our team can help you find a solution. No two property disputes are the same, so we will work with you to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

Will I Have to go to Court?

We understand that you may have concerns about the costs of your dispute, so we strive to resolve all property disputes outside of the courtroom where possible. Our lawyers can assist with negotiationmediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve your dispute more efficiently and generally at a lower cost than taking court action.

Taking Court Action for Property Disputes

When it comes to dealing with a conveyancing transaction, it’s crucial to have the right legal guidance and support every step of the way.  Our property lawyers are here to help, whether you’re buying or selling a property. The intricacies of the property law process can be overwhelming, and it’s essential to ensure that everything is handled correctly to protect your interests. Contact us, that’s where our team of experienced conveyancing solicitors comes in. We understand the significance of a smooth and efficient conveyancing process, and we are here to offer you the legal advice and expertise you need to navigate through it successfully.  With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that your transaction is in capable hands.

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If we are unable to resolve your dispute using the methods outlined above, litigation may be necessary to settle the dispute. Property litigation is often complicated, and to ensure your interests are protected, you need a team of lawyers with experience of your specific legal issues. Most property disputes cases are heard in the Sheriff Court, but those valued at over £100,000 will be heard in the Court of Session. We will set out your options and associated costs clearly and concisely so that you fully understand the best route forward for your circumstances. The remedies available for property disputes can vary but may include damages, a decree, or both.

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If you are involved in a property dispute, there is no time to delay. Without specialist legal advice, your dispute could quickly suffer complications. We are ready to assist.

We offer a privately funded fixed-fee specialist legal service in Scotland. At Simplicity Legal, we provide an initial consultation free of charge. Call us today on 0141 471 9038 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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