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While modern media often views prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as the realm of the rich and famous, such arrangements often make sound legal sense for ordinary couples. Though it may seem distasteful to talk about separation while a relationship is still fruitful, it is a reality for many couples. A pre or postnuptial agreement can ensure that an agreement is formed at a time when the couple is still able to cooperate, rather than attempting to divide assets once the relationship has deteriorated. Such agreements can ensure that, in the event of a separation, a couple can part amicably, rather than ending up in a protracted legal dispute.

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A prenuptial agreement, or ‘ante-nuptial agreement’, is one formed before the union is formalised, via marriage or civil partnership. A postnuptial agreement is one formed after this event. It is a contract that allows the couples to resolve a range of issues that may arise during or at the end of the union.

Under Scots law, such agreements are enforceable. The courts will only interfere with the arrangements made between the couple privately if it is found that the agreement was not made in circumstances that can be considered fair and reasonable. The question is not whether the agreement itself is fair, but rather whether it was made under fair conditions. However, if the content of an agreement is unfair, this may be the first indication that the conditions under which it was made were unreasonable, particularly if one party was disadvantaged at the time it was entered.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can prove hugely important in the event of separation. They can regulate how much money one person will receive in the event of separation or divorce. divorce and can also be used to ring-fence certain assets, protecting them from the other partner should they separate. It is therefore highly recommended that you seek legal advice before entering such an agreement, especially if considering a prenup or cohabitation agreement to ensure it is legally binding. The solicitors at Simplicity are family law specialists, and are happy to help draft the agreement itself.

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Simplicity Legal continues to grow and expand. As a result of which, we have created a dedicated Family Law Department. Our specialist Family La Solicitors have a wealth of experience, expanding to over 60 years between them.

Our Family Law Solicitors understand the difficult circumstances surrounding family law disputes, and we advise our clients in all matters relating to family law, including separation, divorce and matters relating to children.  A full list of our services is noted below.

As a Team, we have created and developed a Family Law Fixed Fee Initial Meeting to assist our clients. This Fixed Fee Initial Meeting is aimed at providing our clients with a clear outline of their options to progress forward.

Currently, we offer this Fixed Fee Initial Meeting for £295 plus VAT (£354).  This includes;

1. Up to one hour meeting with one of our Family Law Solicitors.

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3. We will provide you with an estimate of costs moving forward.

4. We will provide you with a note of any further information required from you to progress your case.

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