Summary Cause Actions

Fixed Fee Summary Cause Actions Scotland

Are you owed money by a company or person? Do you seek to bring a court action against them?

Summary Cause Procedure in Scotland

A summary cause action in Scotland is an action which has a value between £3000 and £5000. The application process can be completed on your behalf by one of our qualified and experienced solicitors and can only be raised in the Sheriff Court. Simplicity Legal can offer a fixed fee service for the recovery of these sums, ensuring you have peace of mind when it comes to the costs involved.

Will my expenses be covered?

Whilst completing the application on your behalf, your Solicitor can include a section on applying for expenses to be covered in the process. It will be the decision of the Sheriff as to whether an award of expenses is granted, however should an award be granted, this will be dependent on the amount of work completed on the case.

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