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At Simplicity Legal, our contract dispute lawyers understand that contracts can be part of everyday life. A breach of contract occurs when someone fails to perform their side of the bargain. A contract can either be an oral agreement or a written agreement. It can be difficult to interpret the terms of the contract – that is where Simplicity Legal can advise.

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If you are currently in the position that a company has failed to deliver goods or services or the product you have received is not fit for purpose, our contract dispute lawyers in Glasgow and Edinburgh can offer legal advice regarding your contract dispute.

How much will it cost?

At Simplicity Legal we are upfront about the costs involved in any legal action. We are unique in that we offer fixed fees so you are given peace of mind in knowing the costs involved throughout the proceedings.

What types of contracts exist in Scotland?

In Scotland, there are mainly 3 forms of contracts: commercial contracts, private contracts between parties and consumer contracts.

Firstly, consumer contracts are ones which occur in the course of business with consumers and not those entering into a contract on behalf of their business. Since consumers are deemed to be in a weaker position, often consumers are granted greater protection in the law.

Commercial contracts, unlike the consumer, are entered into when both parties to the contract are doing so on behalf of their business.

Finally, private contracts are contracts between 2 individuals. For example, this can include the sale of an item or property.

What happens if a contract is breached in Scotland?

In Scots Law, an award of damages is where compensation by way of money is provided to the party who suffers a breach of contract. The intention of this ‘monetary value’ is to put the party back to the position they would have been in, had they not suffered a breach of contract. Contract disputes can be settled by means of Small Claims procedure (if the value is les than £3000) or Summary Cause procedure if the value is betwen £3000 and £5000.

In order for the Court to make an award of damages, the loss must arise from the breach as a direct result. At Simplicity Legal, our commercial solicitors advise businesses and individuals across Scotland, including those from Renfrewshire, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, Stirling and many other Scottish cities.

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