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Negotiation is an informal process. In the negotiation process, you and your ex-partner discuss matters to try to reach an agreement. As the name suggests, both parties try to reach an amicable settlement by reaching a mutual agreement which suits their individual wants and needs. Negotiation can either be face to face or through letters and email. If the meeting is face to face lawyers are present to offer legal advice and to ensure the discussion stays on track. In practice, lawyers will at least explore the possibility of negotiating before proceeding to take the case to court.

The outcome of negotiation is usually a verbal agreement. It’s vital to make sure the agreement is written down and signed by both parties, otherwise it can be difficult to enforce.

Should I Get a Solicitor to Negotiate on my Behalf?

In some cases, couples find that they are able to negotiate for themselves. This obviously depends on how amicable the split is, but it also depends on how complex the split is – if you have no children or property then clearly matters are a lot more straightforward. However, in a great many cases tensions run high, making civil conversation impossible. It’s all too easy to get sucked into the familiar arguments and make no progress. If this is the case, it may be best to instruct a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

Even if you are able to reach an agreement with your former partner, it pays to meet with a solicitor at least once – this will ensure that your rights are protected and that every possible issue has been covered. In most cases you will want the split to be permanent. Without legal advice, there is a lingering possibility of further legal action at some point in the future.

At Simplicity, we will explain the legal issues to you, explain your rights to you and offer advice on the best means of resolving the dispute. Our first consultation is Free* and thereafter our services are on a fixed-cost basis, meaning you have absolute certainty about cost without the added worry of hidden charges.


During a divorce, there are several things you will need to consider.

With emotions running high, it can be difficult to see a clear path without having to worry about the legal issues. The assistance of a simplicity solicitor can provide guidance and reassurance at a confusing time.


When instructing us to negotiate your financial settlement on divorce, the first step is to provide us with as much information as possible. You should first pull together all of your financial details and ask your spouse to do the same.

Then we will explore your options with you and give you advice on your financial settlement. We’ll make sure you understand how the law works, what the law provides and how best to structure your financial settlement. We’ll advise you of your best negotiating position and what an acceptable settlement would be.

Once we have decided together what you are trying to achieve, we will initiate discussions with the other side. This will be done by:

  • Letters in which we will set out various proposals; and/or
  • Telephone calls; and/or
  • Meetings. These don’t necessarily need to involve everyone involved at this stage. They can be ‘two-room’ meetings which are more common if matters are fraught.


While you do not necessarily need a solicitor to negotiate your divorce, it pays to have one. At Simplicity, we’ll make sure that you:

  • feel in control of the process
  • understand the legal issues involved
  • understand the process
  • Achieve a mutually beneficial, legally binding solution

We’ll also advise you on the best possible outcome and offer proposals on how to settle matters. If our proposals are not successful, we can advise you on going to court, and represent you if necessary. Going to court is often a last resort because of the expense, the time commitment required and the stressful nature of court proceedings.


Our solicitors are experienced and committed negotiators with expertise and experience in negotiating family law settlements. We’ll help you achieve the best possible outcome and defend your interests at all times. As a third party, our solicitors are focused on getting you the best solution – not on what has gone before.

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