The support that Billy has given me has been over and above my expectations, he always makes time to go over the legalities with me, and is a great guy who sees the job through to the end.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your very professional handling of this case and understanding of the difficulties that it was causing us. I would certainly recommend Emma to any of my friends or business associates in the future.

Dear Emma,

Thank you for all of your time, hard work and constant dedication you put into my case. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you to achieve the same goal which was to protect and secure the childhoods of my two girls…..

When we had our meetings or spoke on the telephone I would have questions written down to ask you. I always knew that there was an excellent chance that you would have answered them. You always made sure you covered all the areas relating to that particular matter. This reassured me that I finally found the right family solicitor. Your quick perception of the type of person I was dealing with also gave me great encouragement.

It is said that a Lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns. Not an easy reputation to live down. So it is an incredible accomplishment for a lawyer to be thought of as someone who not only can be trusted, but regarded as someone who actually cares about his clients.

I’m delighted to give this testimonial for Billy Smith because of my own experiences of dealing with his Company have been echoed by the friends, family and clients I have referred to him. Quite simply a first class service delivered in a no nonsense way and not a briefcase or gun in sight.

If you or anyone you know needs and legal matter whatsoever dealt with do yourself a favour and contact Billy first. You’ll be glad you did.

Fantastic service from Emma and the team. Them together with sensible charges make it difficult not to recommend them. Many thanks again to all for your assistance.

Dear Emma,

Thank you so much for taking on and handling the contact and divorce cases in the way that you did. I am very grateful for all the work you put in and how you had the patience and took time to methodically sort out the paperwork that you took on from the previous firm. It was such a relief to have finally found an excellent solicitor. I really appreciated how you explained things to me and felt completely assured that the cases were being handled very well.

Thank you for fully presenting the details to the court in the way that you did. I appreciated how you really listened and took time to fully understand the very difficult position that I found myself in that was affecting me and my children's lives in such a destructive, debilitating way. Your highly professional approach and explanations helped give me the confidence to have faith that the law could work out the best and safest solution for my son. It was a really difficult time and I can't thank you enough for giving me the best advice and service to help bring us to a better situation, it really has made all the difference for us. The wee one is relieved and happy with the court's decision and I can have peace of mind now.

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