Most relationships go through their share of difficult times, but some couples seem to weather these times better than others.

A new study from the US has attempted to shed some light on this by looking at how some couples work to not only stay in the relationship but to also keep it moving forward.
In the study, researchers from the University of Illinois looked at two key techniques couples use to improve their relationship – threat mitigation and relationship enhancement. They found that a healthy relationship generally requires a combination of both.
“Threats to the relationship come from all kinds of different places,” explained Brian Ogolsky, associate professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at University of Illinois. “Generally, there are many threats early in relationships that can cause problems, but that is not to say that these disappear later. We know couples cheat in the long-term, people end up in new work places and in new situations where possible alternative partners show up, conflicts arise, or a lack of willingness to sacrifice time for your partner emerges.”
“Good conflict management or forgiving our partner for doing something wrong is an interactive process,” he added. “When a threat comes in, we can do one of two things: we can ditch our partner or forgive them over time.”
Enhancement strategies involve ways of making the relationship better and researchers found that this can be done individually or by a couple together.
“Individually, even the act of thinking about our relationship can be enhancing,” said Brian Ogolsky. “Whereas engaging in leisure activities together, talking about the state of our relationship, these are all interactive.”

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