The idea that you can handle your divorce or separation on your own is held by some individuals. Can it really be that difficult? 

Legal Advice from a Solicitor

Generally speaking, people have a perception that solicitors are quite expensive. In addition, there is the viewpoint that with the support of a family lawyer, an already challenging circumstance may become much more challenging, and the gap between the parties might become even more pronounced. Consequently, why not go online, get one of those “ready-made” separation agreements, have a conversation with your ex-spouse about the situation, and then write the agreement on your own? Once it’s done, and after a year, all you need to do is get the court to give one of those simplified divorces. The issue has been resolved, and it is possible that hundreds or even thousands of pounds have been saved thanks to this. Indeed, in certain uncomplicated scenarios, especially when the spouses have been married for a short duration, such might be the case. It is highly probable that in the future, there will be challenges and legal professionals will need to be engaged to resolve the issues that have developed.

Legal issues

One significant factor contributing to this is that individuals commonly experience emotional distress and impaired cognitive functioning following a separation. They are experiencing emotional distress. Unsurprisingly, the relationship has yielded no results, considering the considerable amount of time, love, and work that was dedicated to it. Emotions such as grief, wrath, and worry may arise.

It is not recommended to hastily enter into a legally binding instrument that will have a profound impact on the remainder of your life, given the unfavourable circumstances. Particularly, a document that is the paramount aspect of the case and may not be suitable for its intended use.

Furthermore, there exists a tangible likelihood that one of the parties may experience a disadvantage. It is crucial to provide sufficient time to ascertain and assess the entirety of the marital assets accurately. Only after careful consideration can you determine an equitable distribution.

Separation Agreement

Modifying the contents of the Separation Agreement after it has been signed but before the divorce is finalised can pose challenges, but it is not entirely impossible. Once the divorce is finalised, it becomes unattainable to reverse the decision. 

If a pension is overlooked, a loan is disregarded, or a house is devalued, an individual will suffer financial loss and will regret their failure to seek appropriate counsel in the future.

Even in uncomplicated instances, it is advisable to seek guidance from a certified Family lawyer. Request the solicitor to draft the Separation Agreement. Urge the other party to seek the assistance of a Family Lawyer in order to ensure that the Agreement is amended to include the desired clauses of both parties.

Once your case has been handled in a professional and appropriate manner, you can have peace of mind and proceed with your life without the constant fear of repercussions from your amateur attempt.