Relationship broken down? Worried about your kids? Worried about your house? Worried about how you will pay for it all? Welcome a brand new concept! Welcome Simplicity Family Law!

At Simplicity Family Law we recognise that a relationship breakdown is one of if not the most stressful experience you can have. Our job is to make it simpler for you. We’re here to remove the stresses of affordability and uncertainty leaving you free to make the choices that are right for you and your family.

Simplicity Family Law are Emma King and Billy Smith. Both are experienced lawyers with an emphasis on family law throughout their careers. Both recognised that a major source of concern for both client and solicitor is affordability; Simplicity is the answer to that. We offer fixed prices for everything we do, with no hidden charges. The cost you are given is the cost you will pay; simplicity…

Adding to our uniqueness, at Simplicity we offer the flexibility of choice – you choose what is right for you in your circumstances. We don’t just offer one way to solve the problem – we give you the fullest range of options possible, all at a fixed cost.

We offer clear time frames for what you can expect from us. In family law no one can say how long it will take to resolve because that resolution is always dependent not just on you and us but on the other person involved in the relationship breaking down. However once we have acted for you for six months and things have not resolved, you will be entitled to an entirely free consultation to review what has happened to date and to identify the next course of action which is right for you.

All together we’re proud to present to you the new way of thinking about family law giving you a client focused, friendly and efficient service designed to meet your needs. Contact us today.