Recovering a Debt Without Court Action

Fixed Fee Debt Recovery Lawyers Glasgow & Edinburgh

When looking to recover money owed to your business, you might have concerns about the length of time and the potential expense associated with doing so. No one wants to be bogged down in lengthy and stressful court action – that’s why our debt recovery solicitors are so proud of their reputation for settling matters quickly and straightforwardly, acting on behalf of clients to recover sums owed without having to go to court.

We provide debt recovery services to clients of all sizes and types across a wide range of commercial sectors. From sole traders and SMEs to landlords and contractors, our specialist debt recovery lawyers will develop a proactive and strategic approach to help you recover the money you are owed fast.

Expert Commercial Debt Recovery Lawyers in Scotland

If your firm is owed money, you don’t want to dedicate valuable time and resources to recovering sums if you can avoid it. Having the support of a team of specialist debt collection solicitors can be priceless in ensuring that money you are owed is repaid as a matter of urgency. Acting early can be hugely beneficial – we regularly work with clients from the outset of the debt recovery process to make sure that all necessary steps are taken immediately. We will work with you to ensure your debt is successfully recovered while keeping costs as low as possible and guaranteeing that you are in the strongest possible position in respect of any future action that may be required.

Engaging with Your Debtor

Whenever a debt falls due, creditors are advised to immediately contact the organisation or individual in question to make them fully aware of the situation. This can be a laborious and frustrating process for business owners whose time is better spent focussing on the important tasks involved in running their company.

Our team of debt recovery solicitors can act on your behalf to begin communications with your debtor to try and resolve matters quickly. It may be the case that payment has not been made due to an oversight on their part, or because of temporary financial problems that will be quickly resolved. Whatever the circumstances, your lawyer will contact your debtor to alert them about the sums owed and to make them aware of the consequences of their failure to pay. We will write to your debtor informing them that the debt must be repaid within a reasonable period (usually 7 days) and that legal action will be forthcoming if they fail to do so. Where the contract permits it, or when the transaction is covered by late payment of commercial debt legislation, we will also inform them that interest is payable on their debt.

Our experience tells us that contacting debtors promptly by way of a solicitor’s letter which clearly sets out their requirement to pay is in the majority of cases sufficient to achieve a positive result.

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Our solicitors will work closely with you to provide a service that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for one-off assistance or ongoing support as part of your day-to-day business operations, Simplicity Legal’s debt recovery team can provide all the help you need.

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