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Road Traffic Offences

Road Traffic Offence Lawyers Scotland

Here at Simplicity, we aim to remove as much as possible the stress of affordability and uncertainty around legal matters and this is no less so in respect of road traffic offences. Our Road Traffic team are highly knowledgeable and can provide innovative solutions ensuring you receive the best strategic guidance and defence possible. Any defence will depend on a number of factors and your own specific circumstances but our experience and expertise can determine the best option for you.

Types of Driving Offence

We can help defend all types of motoring offences including:

  • Speeding. These offences rely on evidence taken from various technical devices such as speed cameras. Sometimes equipment is incorrectly used or records incorrectly kept or unlawful road signs used.
  • Using a mobile phone while driving. This offence can potentially expose you to other allegations such as careless or dangerous driving. Holding a mobile phone is not in itself illegal, you have to be judged to have been using it.
  • Failure to provide a driver’s identity. If it is evident that you did not know, and with reasonable diligence could not have ascertained who the driver was, then you should not accept the charge.
  • Driving without insurance or permitting someone to drive without insurance. A “special reasons” defence may apply where you may have been misled into thinking you were insured.
  • Failure to stop after an accident or report an accident within the prescribed time limit. You may quite reasonably have no knowledge that an accident had taken place.
  • Dangerous driving. Potentially a serious offence particularly if accused of “causing death by dangerous driving”.
  • Careless driving. A less serious crime than dangerous driving but still carries serious consequences, such as a fine and disqualification.
  • Drink driving over the prescribed alcohol limit or drunk in charge of a vehicle.
  • Failure to provide a specimen. The police may not have followed the correct procedure or there may have been a medical risk in providing a sample.
  • Drug driving. To secure a conviction it must be proven that a person was unfit to drive, which impaired driving.
  • Driving while disqualified. Mitigating circumstances may apply.
  • Driving without a licence or not driving in accordance with a licence.
  • Totting up bans from the accumulation of penalty points.
  • Traffic light offences.

We can also provide advice to new drivers charged within the two-year probationary period.

Contact our Road Traffic Offence Lawyers, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Shawlands, East Kilbride and Lanarkshire

Let us help you simplify matters with our experienced road traffic lawyers. Obtaining clear and uncomplicated advice in a timely manner will ensure the best possible outcome. Our fees will be fair, reasonable and agreed with you in advance. Please call us and we will go through your case, outlining the different courses of action open to you, so that you will be in a position to make an informed choice as to how best to proceed. With our legal advice, you will have the reassurance of taking the best course at each stage of the process. Call today on 0141 433 2626 or complete our online enquiry form.

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