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Alison Herd - Digital Marketing Executive

Name: Alison Herd

Role: Digital Marketing Executive

What is the favourite part of your role?

Every day is a learning day at Simplicity Legal. Learning about Search Engine Optimisation and creating digital designs would be in particular my favorite part of my role.

What do you like most about working for Simplicity Legal?

The team. Everyone in the team is friendly and approachable. Being involved in the charity events team is something I really enjoy as its helping others and brings the team together outside of work.

What skills do you find most useful in doing your role?

My creative skills and also my ability to want to learn new skills. In my time at Simplicity Legal, I have been learning a lot about Search Engine Optimisation.

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

I don’t have a favourite place as I like to go to new places but if I had to pick a place, it would have to be either Canada or New Zealand.

What is your proudest achievement?

Completing my degree in Graphic Design as a mature student. This was one of my proudest achievements.

What do you enjoy doing when not working?

I enjoy going on hikes or going on long walks in nature.

How would your team colleagues describe you?

Approachable/friendly and always willing to do a task when needed.

Digital Marketing Executive


Tel: 0141 471 9038 

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